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December 2010

Warmest greetings to all my gardening friends! We’re now approaching the end of December (today being the 20th) and in the Stockholm area the temperature is -7°centigrade and the amount of snow is unbelievable.

According to the record books, there haven’t been such enormous amounts of snow, and such freezing temperatures, here in the Stockholm area for the past 150 years. The days are freezing cold, the nights are freezing cold, and snow is everywhere. In two days’ time it will be the winter solstice, after which a change will start from darkness to light - initially so very, very slowly that it takes quite a long time before one notices any difference.

The garden is, of course, buried beneath a thick mantle of snow. I’ve been going around the garden shaking snow from trees and bushes so that they won't break under the weight. But I think it's now time to go sit inside, to luxuriate in front of a blazing fire, with a glass of wine and music in the background, and to ponder over what the future has in store. One of my favourite things do this time of year is to buy or borrow gardening books and use them as a source of advice and inspiration.
Autumn, winter, spring and summer – our seasons are purely magical, even if personally I find December to be a rather difficult month. But when the snow forms a thick blanket of white over the garden, it really is very beautiful when sitting inside and looking out.

Before ending this brief chronicle, let me mention that if you have the opportunity to buy or otherwise get hold of a copy of the next issue of Allers Trädgård magazine which comes out on 11 January 2011, you’ll find an article entitled "White Spring" about our humble garden in Tumba. A week later we will be at the Formex trade fair in Älvsjö, where we will be helping our friends Two Faces of Sweden, who will also be selling our cards at their stand. And looking further forward, on 24 – 27 March we will be having our own stand (number AG: 22) at the Nordiska Trädgårdar (Nordic Gardens) fair at Älvsjö in Stockholm, where we will be selling our cards, bulbs, and some of Two Faces of Sweden’s wonderful products for the garden. We look forward to seeing you.

I’d like to take the opportunity to give seasonal greetings to all my readers and everyone who visits our website, and my wishes for a happy and peaceful New Year. I humbly thank all of you for the encouragement you have given me. Many, many thanks.

It's now time to go inside, to the warmth, and reflect on the past year… and dream of the year to come.

Stefan, A Gentleman Gardener